We, the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbus, Indiana

affirm these behavioral covenants for the spiritual, moral, and ethical development of ourselves and our congregation.

  1. We value and respect differences of opinion within the congregation.
  2. We value, and will promote, open discussion in all communication and will respect confidentiality when it is requested, excepting cases that risk a person’s life or safety.
  3. We will address differences in our congregation with timely, open, direct communication and with faith in the democratic process.
  4. We respect the authority of the congregation’s elected leaders in matters of governance. They will keep communication open, provide relevant information, and adequate time for sharing and discussion before calling a vote.
  5. We value and respect the minister’s leadership in matters of ministry and as delegated Head of Staff. In this congregation the pulpit is free and unrestricted. The minister may express values, views, and commitments without fear or favor.
  6. It is each member’s responsibility to stay informed about issues concerning the congregation through all available sources such as the newsletter, website, email, Sunday morning announcements, and letters from the board.
  7. It is the obligation of all members to participate to their level of ability in all activities necessary to maintain a healthy, vibrant congregation.

Adopted by the Congregation 2/26/2017