UUCCI Values:

  • Nurturing Community with Love and Compassion
  • Freedom of Spiritual and Intellectual Growth
  • Openness to the Mystery of Life
  • Courageous Thoughtful Action

UUCCI Mission:

The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbus, Indiana, is a community of hope and courage, where we celebrate love and work for justice.


As individuals, as a congregation, and in the wider world, we:

  1. Open ourselves to deeper human connection
  2. Support each other, as Unitarian Universalists, in our lifelong journey for truth and meaning
  3. Create dynamic congregational gatherings that open hearts and minds
  4. Build a culture that engages and supports all levels of involvement
  5. Align our resources to ensure that we are most effectively fulfilling our Mission and Ends
  6. Cultivate intentional partnerships through mutual respect and collaboration
  7. Nurture a vibrant interfaith community that positively transforms the Greater Columbus Area
  8. Side with love by working to overcome injustice in all its forms