Many different reasons bring people to the door of UUCCI. Maybe you want a place to heal a hurt, find new friends, celebrate the milestones of life, worship together with your interfaith family, get more involved with the community, or pursue spiritual questions without pressure. Chances are, you will find what you are seeking, but you will also find things you didn’t know you were looking for.

The most important work of UUCCI happens outside the Sunday services, beginning with an enthusiastic coffee hour after the service. You may get to know others through volunteering to…

  • Landscape daymake coffee
  • greet people on Sunday morning
  • join a work crew weeding the gardens
  • serve meals in the Ecumenical Assembly’s Hot Meals program
  • attend a MUUMs group activity, for moms, dads, caregivers of young children
  • attend a small group pitch-in dinner at a member’s home
  • supervise child care during a Sunday service
  • help out at the Universal Market holiday bazaar
  • help with the Garage Sale in the spring
  • sing with the choir
  • join the Men’s Group
  • join a short-term study group on a current topic
  • be a guest teacher for a children’s religious education class

Like many small churches, we depend on everyone pitching in to make our activities successful. But more importantly, the activities help members and friends rub shoulders and get to know each other. Relationships form, and a supportive network develops.