Janiece-Bowls-2Experience a “Sound Bath” of voice, crystal and Tibetan bowls, drums and various other instruments in an intuitive, improvisational context lead by Janiece Jaffe. You may join in these Sound Meditation sessions held once a month in the sanctuary at UUCCI at 12:00 PM, usually the second Sunday of the month (check the Activities Calendar).

Janiece-3Janiece is a jazz vocalist and recording artist. In 1999 she became a Reiki Master (energy healing) practitioner and began research, practice and exploration in Sound Healing. Janiece became a member of the Soka Gakkai International at age 16, committing to a Buddhist daily practice of chanting. Using her voice every day in this way has benefited her spiritually and deepened her vocal awareness and abilities.

Currently, Janiece sings in a variety of projects from big band to duos, teaches in her home studio in Bloomington, Indiana; travels with her crystal and Tibetan bowls to offer sound meditations; and gives workshops in The Voice as a Healing Instrument among other topics.


I’ve been attending Janiece’s meditation sessions for several years. I was amazed hearing her combination of voice and singing bowls for the first time, because the sound was so unique and engulfing. I keep coming back because her intuitive, sweet vibrations simultaneously relax and energize me. I’m happier from knowing Janiece and her caring spirit.
Rhonda Fischer

I feel very fortunate to be able to attend sound meditations at UUCCI with Janiece. I have been attending for several years, and the sessions do me a world of good. The amazing sound, vibrations and energy of the singing bowls and drums, as well as other instruments used, and the incredible beauty and purity of Janiece’s voice, all combine to take me to another place. These sessions provide a wonderful spiritual opportunity for relaxation, calm, rest, rejuvenation and meditation. The sessions leave me with a feeling of great happiness and love.
Lissa Fischer