2017-2018 Invitation and Full Stewardship Packet

Dear Members and Friends of UUCCI,

It is the time of year where we resolve to support our congregation’s mission through our financial gifts.

It is such a unique time for us as a congregation. We are in the midst of celebrating milestones that speak to the resilience of this congregation – what an achievement to have been active for 50 years! Meanwhile, while we reflect upon the past we also increasingly turn our attention to our congregation’s collective resolution to keep going and do more. We are expanding. We are responding to the events happening in our local community, our state, our nation and our world. We are searching for a new minister who will be a critical piece of our journey over the next several years. We are investing in projects and initiatives that will be foundational for our next 50 years. It is time for us to identify the resources that will enable our future growth.

As you read through this packet you’ll notice that there are two separate campaigns. First, as we have done for many years, is the annual pledge campaign to fund the next year’s operating budget. Please see p. 4 for some additional detail. Second, we are creating a sustainable capital fund. We are initiating this second fund to pay for significant projects that will improve and expand this facility and its place in delivering our congregation’s mission. We have identified three projects for the immediate future that total $15,000. Please see p. 5 for additional information. Our target for the two-year capital campaign is $50,000. Our plan is to keep capital resources available to fund larger projects as we make our vision a reality, e.g. our interfaith campus.

It is important for you to consider each campaign, as you reflect on and project your resources. These are two different efforts. Our primary fundraising goal is the operating budget; it is the lifeblood of the church and does way more than just “keep the lights on.” Consider a pledge that supports UUCCI at the same or an increased level as we become more of a presence in our local community.

As for the two-year capital campaign? It is incremental and we are asking more. But, UUCCI is at a special juncture in our history. We are creating a sustainable capital fund built on a foundation of a two year campaign to honor our 50th anniversary as a congregation and our 15th year in our building. We have confidence in our future as a congregation, in our vision and our impact in the world. The two-year pledge window allows flexibility and planning. The Generosity Team, with the Green Sanctuary Team, the Social Justice Team, the MUUM’s, and the Board are enthusiastic about our near-term capital projects and our longer term opportunities. We are committed to find the extra to make a capital pledge. We hope you too, will see the value, feel the enthusiasm and find the extra.

Our congregation has the capacity for more: more passion, more energy, more ideas. To bring “more” to
life, we need funding – so we are turning to you.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration as well as your past and future contributions to UUCCI,


The Generosity Team

Jeff Wiltrout, JaneAnn Gifford, Linda Iwamuro, Rhonda Fischer, Terry Marbach

Throughout the year…

You can always make a pledge or increase your pledge.

The Stewardship Packet contains a Stewardship Letter from the Generosity Team, the UUA Fair Share Guide, and a Pledge Form.

  • If you are starting here with the electronic version, print the form
  • Fill out the form and sign it
  • Put the completed form in the Treasurer’s mailbox in the UUCCI office