BLS pic 3Buddhist Sangha (now dormant)

Our Sangha name is Bodhi-Ling: Place of Awakening.  Our purpose is to bring together spiritual people who have a shared interest in learning and practicing the wisdom the Buddha.  Although we study in the traditions of the Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh, Pema Chodron, and other Zen and Insight teachers. We welcome students from all forms of Buddhism.  Non-Buddhist persons, as well, are invited to share in our meditation, study and teachings.  Our Mission is to alleviate the suffering of all sentient beings and to cultivate loving-kindness, peace, compassion and a higher spiritual way of living.

BLS pic 2Dear friends,

After much discussion over the past few months (some of you were part of that process), the leadership has realized that we are not able to continue facilitating the Bodhi-Ling study and practice group. In the past 3½ years, we have grown in our understanding and practice of Buddhism. We hope that your personal practice will thrive and that many of the relationships formed will continue. As we have learned, all things are impermanent and accepting this fact is part of practice. Groups have a natural beginning, middle, and end. We wish to honor what was created as well as honor its natural ending.

There are meditation groups and teachings at The Tibetan Cultural Center in Bloomington and through the Heartland Shambhala groups in Bloomington and Indianapolis. Other central Indiana Buddhist groups include Simpleminded Sangha (near Nashville) led by Leslie Bishop, a retired biology professor from Earlham College, and Indianapolis Buddhist Meditation Retreats led by Orlando Gustilo. Thank you for the contributions each of you has made to our lives.


Ann and Darla