Chalice 2013One of this Congregation’s most satisfying programs has been Chalice Circles: enlightened discussions on thoughtful ethical, religious, and experiential topics. In a Chalice Circle, you get to engage friends and also people you don’t already know, on a more meaningful level than at coffee hour or committee meetings.

What is small group ministry?
Small group ministry is a network of small groups whose main objectives are to strengthen the congregation by drawing us in to mutual ministry. We call them Chalice Circles.

Why do we have Chalice circles?
Small group ministry —  Chalice Circles — continuously develops lay leadership, deepens our understanding of Unitarian Universalist principles and values, further challenges us to action and spiritual growth, as well as prompts us to express in a more consistent way our principles and values in the community.

Tell me more about Chalice Circles!
The primary emphasis of Chalice Circles is to care for people – to serve them, encourage them to spiritual growth, and to meet their needs for affirmation and acceptance. By creating open, supportive and nurturing environments, Chalice Circle Ministry promotes and facilitates spiritual growth and care for one another, therefore providing a quality of care most people can only wish for. Additionally, Chalice Circle Ministry offers opportunities to search and grow at the individual’s own pace, in the individual’s own way, through learning together and loving one another. As individuals identify and use their own spiritual gifts, they will be moved to contribute of themselves and their resources.

How do Chalice Circles work?

  • The group meets a minimum of once a month in a member’s home or at the church.
  • All groups have trained facilitators, use a regular format, and covenant together on how they will relate to each other and how they will serve the congregation.
  • Groups are always open to new members.
  • Groups are developed around topics of interest to the members and friends of the church.
  • Some topics include, but are not limited to: Retreat and Renewal, The Colors of Our Lives, Recalling Childhood, Conscious Consuming, Deep Listening and Dialogues.

Four gifts you will receive when you join a Chalice Circle:

  1. A way to discuss and appreciate life’s deep experiences, challenges, and mysteries.
  2. A way to find unity in diversity.
  3. A way to feel closer to other members, make new friends, and strengthen ties with old ones.
  4. A way to achieve greater breadth, depth, and meaning in our lives.