West sideUUCCI has been a certified Green Sanctuary since June, 2006. The Green Sanctuary Team promotes environmental programs and actions at UUCCI. Meetings are usually held following the Sunday service 3 to 4 times a year. Anyone interested in environmentally focused projects is welcome to attend. Check the newsletter or contact Team Leaders, Nancy Pulley or Michael Greven.

  • Every summer a table in the Fellowship Hall is used as an exchange for plants and surplus vegetables from our gardens
  • Information brochures on “green” projects and organizations are also available at the Green Sanctuary table in the Fellowship Hall
  • Participates in the local Solar Initiative
  • A native plant garden is maintained west of our building

Green trip

Past projects include:

  • Automated shades for the upper windows in the Fellowship Hall to mitigate the summer heat
  • Regular clean-up efforts along Haw Creek near the hospital in the Adopt-A-River program
  • Spearheading the effort to put solar panels on the roof of our building to offset some of our electric power usage


Solar Panels 2011 – 1.8KW
Solar Panels 2017 – 11.6KW