Born and Raised

Rev. Nic Cable will share his spiritual journey and reflect on what it is like to be born and raised in this religious tradition. Come and learn about the pivotal moments of his growth as a UU and his formation as a minister. There will … read more.

Every Person

Follow the Spiritual Journey of Dr. Becca Kastner from UUCCI youth to forensic psychologist. We will contemplate the challenges of the first UU Principle in this line of work. Dr. Becca Kastner is the daughter of Barry Kastner and Kathleen Leason and sister to Lauren. … read more.

Discovering Life’s Mysteries through Music

Anita Naanes will be speaking of her spiritual life path of discovery through the mysteries and the arts, emphasizing the importance of the thread of music throughout her journey. Anita was born and raised in Seymour. She has a BS and Master’s degrees in Education … read more.

Words from Jeannine Lee Lake

Jeannine Lee Lake, 2018 candidate for the US, District 6 House of Representatives, will be with us to share her experiences and perspectives. Jeannine is the editor, publisher and CEO of “The Good News”, a bi-monthly free publication that highlights the achievements and notable … read more.