When Waiting is Hard

Sometimes, waiting is just tough!  So how do we balance the necessity for action with the way time just, naturally unfolds? When do we choose to wait? When must we charge ahead? Is there a strength and guidance to be found in our practice of waiting in community?

Waiting and Stretching

What is happening when we stop for a moment and look around. Waiting is a hard spiritual practice that we will delve more deeply into throughout this month, beginning today with imagining what can happen even in our waiting.

Meditations on Gratitude

Janiece Jaffe, will lead an interactive and artistic service on embodied gratitude. Janiece sings in a variety of projects from big band to duos, teaches in her home studio in Bloomington, Indiana and travels with her crystal and Tibetan bowls to offer sound meditations.

A Vision So Bold

On Ordination and Installation Sunday, we will gather for our morning service with special guest and Nic’s mentor, the Rev. Kathryn A. Bert. Together, they will reflect on their three years of ministry together in East Lansing, MI, when they imagined a larger vision and took steps to make it so.