A Spiritual Anatomy of Healing

How does healing work in a UU context? If we break it down, healing can be something of a spiritual practice that we can all share in here at UUCCI and in the wider world.

Being Fully Present

Spending moments with another in earnest presence is one of the simple ways we can show unconditional love. It is the memories created from these impressions that survive after all else passes. Join us this Sunday as Jimmy Collins shares his experiences as Chaplin at … read more.

Healing Through Word and Spirit

Manon Voice is a poet, social activist and spiritual seeker drawn to many voices of wisdom.  Manon will be sharing her experiences of healing through the use of poetry and supplemental experiential text and readings.

Breaking Hearts Open

What happens when covenants are broken? How can we return to one another and begin again in love? Rev. Nic Cable will invite us to reflect as individuals and as a congregation on the times we have fallen short and how we can recommit ourselves … read more.