Nic Cable

A Vision So Bold

On Ordination and Installation Sunday, we will gather for our morning service with special guest and Nic’s mentor, the Rev. Kathryn A. Bert. Together, they will reflect on their three years of ministry together in East Lansing, MI, when they imagined a larger vision and … read more.

Practicing Gratitude

As we kick-off the month of November, we will delve into the theme of Gratitude. Gratitude is more than saying “thank you,” it is a way of life, a sacred practice that we can nurture together within and beyond our community.

Service Audio


Religious community is one space where we can grieve and remember together those who are gone. This service will be an opportunity to remember loved ones who are with us no longer. Please bring a picture or memento of a person or pet that you … read more.

Changing Together

Change is perhaps the only constant in human life. It can sometimes be stressful, unwanted, & even painful. When we gather in community, we are able to practice changing together & to imagine how we might support one another when these changes make us uncomfortable. … read more.