Nic Cable

Be Ours a Religion

Nineteenth century Unitarian minister, the Rev. Theodore Parker, urged, “Be ours a religion which, like sunshine, goes everywhere.” In the 21st century, we are invited into deeper, more authentic and lasting partnerships with other religious and non-religious people, as we attempt to build an interfaith coalition for social transformation. Service Audio

Wider Still

Beyond the covenants that we share together at UUCCI, we are a part of a large tapestry of UU congregations throughout the country & the world. Nic Cable will be joined by UUCCI members who attended the 2017 General Assembly as they reflect on our wider potential as a religious tradition of love.

A Labor Of Love

The late UU theologian, James Luther Adams, wrote often on “Voluntary Associations.” He reflected on the particular role the religious community has in shaping these institutional relationships & how they have the potential for personal, communal, & societal transformation. We will look at the relationships that bind us together & the labor of love that drives us forward.

Time After Time

For 50 years, this congregation has been gathering to build community and justice in the world. Join us as we look to our past to reaffirm the confidence we can have for our next chapter in ministry, then stay for the dedication of our time capsule that will be buried after the service. Service Audio

The Waters of Love

In this time of new beginning, we will fortify our community by the power of love. Please bring some water with you that holds special meaning in your life. As we gather the waters of love, we will be refreshed for the work ahead through the ritual of Water Communion. Service Audio