Rev. Nic Cable

Breaking Hearts Open

What happens when covenants are broken? How can we return to one another and begin again in love? Rev. Nic Cable will invite us to reflect as individuals and as a congregation on the times we have fallen short and how we can recommit ourselves … read more.

The Covenants We Make

We make covenants and promises all the time! There are covenants we make with ourselves and promises that we make to one another at UUCCI. There are also the commitments we make to people beyond the walls of our community in the wider world. Rev. … read more.

What Holds Us?

Unitarian Universalism has long been a “People of Covenant” rather than of creed or dogma. What does this mean? What does it mean to be a religious tradition defined by our promises that we make to one another? What holds us as a community and … read more.

Curiosity Saved the Cat

Do you ever walk down the street and wonder about the people you pass by? Do you wonder where they are going? Who they are? What their hopes and dreams and worries are in life? Did curiosity kill the cat? In the end, curiosity might … read more.