Rev. Nic Cable

What If

What is our vision as a congregation? What is before us as we grow together in community? What if our vision begins with asking the right questions? What if our abundant future is one that we can shape together and it begins by simply asking, what if? Service Audio

Bridging Abundance

How can we sustain a sense of abundance when we move beyond our congregation? There is another level of abundance that can be nurtured through the practice of “bridging social capital.” Through this societal practice, we can build a diverse community grounded in the abundant values of inclusion, love, and justice. Service Audio

Weaving Our Tapestry

To live a life of abundance is a lifelong spiritual practice. What happens when we practice abundance in religious community? By imagining our interdependence, the promise of our abundance can weave a new tapestry of our shared ministry at UUCCI. Service Audio