Rev. Nic Cable

Horizon Bound

As we kick-off our month focused on Generosity, we gather for our annual Celebration Sunday! During this service, we will look toward the horizon and imagine our exciting and vibrant future. When we come together as a community, we can truly transform ourselves, our community, … read more.

The Beginning of the Ends

What if the end of the journey is really just the beginning? Together we will explore the power of keeping our eye on the horizon, to that place which we long to travel to as a congregation. As the journey unfolds, perhaps we will discover … read more.

Memories Be Not Erased

Each week, we sing “As we leave this special place, memories be not erased.” Memories can be very powerful, life-shaping things, for better or for worse. Join us as we explore how we can look at our memories in new ways, recognizing the gifts and … read more.

I Know, Therefore I Am

How do you know what you know? There are so many ways to learn and grow in life. Whether you learn by reading or traveling, whether you learn with your eyes, your ears, or your hands, join us for this multi-sensory service for all ages … read more.

The Wonders of New Life

Rev. Cable returns to the pulpit and reflects on the wonder of new life. As we harness the power of our imagination as a congregation, let us consider the wonder that rests within each of us. When we let those wonders out, imagine what life … read more.