Rev. Nic Cable

Life Calls Us On

“Come, come, whoever you are.” Each of us, week after week, are invited into this community. Invitation is a powerful theme that we will explore this morning, while considering where life is calling each of us to in this emerging Spring.

When the Well Runs Dry

Sometimes it’s just hard to be generous with others and even harder with ourselves. When we are running on empty, when we feel like our wells have just dried up, how do we find the strength and purpose to move forward as individuals and as … read more.

The ContinUUm

Sometimes we like to fit the world into very neat boxes: black and white, male and female, us and them, right and wrong. However, as Unitarian Universalists, we value the unfolding journey and our lifelong journey for truth and meaning. How can we be generous … read more.

A Bridge to Partnership

UUCCI is committed to cultivating partnerships locally, nationally, and internationally. But what does this look like in practice? How do we intentionally deepen our relationships with organizations and people beyond our walls?

Horizon Bound

As we kick-off our month focused on Generosity, we gather for our annual Celebration Sunday! During this service, we will look toward the horizon and imagine our exciting and vibrant future. When we come together as a community, we can truly transform ourselves, our community, … read more.