Rev. Nic Cable

Curiosity Saved the Cat

Do you ever walk down the street and wonder about the people you pass by? Do you wonder where they are going? Who they are? What their hopes and dreams and worries are in life? Did curiosity kill the cat? In the end, curiosity might … read more.

A Uni-What?!

Have you ever told someone you are a Unitarian Universalist only to get the quick response, “a Uni-what? What’s that?” The answers that follow can be wide-ranging and sometimes difficult to articulate. As we continue our month of Curiosity, let’s look at the different ways … read more.

Homecoming Sunday

As we kick off a new program year, we will mingle the waters of our lives, bless our children and their backpacks as they prepare for another school year, and open our hearts to what this new year might bring.

Service Audio

A Flower to Resist and Bless the World

Hungarian Unitarian Minister Norbert Čapek promoted the blessings of our human diversity. He was killed by the Nazis for these beliefs. The annual ritual of Flower Communion is an act of remembering and resisting oppression in all its forms, as well as blessing one another … read more.