Sondra Bolte

I was raised Catholic but got away from going to church. I tried to go back a few times, but it just didn’t work for me. I went to lots of churches looking for a church home. Then someone told me about the [Unitarian Universalist] Seven Principles. I went to a service at the old church on Eighth Street, and I’ve been (more…)

Jeff Jones

I lived in this community for 30 years without knowing this church was here. Then my wife and I came to an Americana concert. I looked around at the [Unitarian Universalist] Seven Principles painted on the wall and said, “That makes sense to me.”

I was raised Lutheran and my wife was (more…)

Jon Fischer

I came to UUCCI after prior experience at other Unitarian Universalist churches. While living in California I went church-shopping, and the UU church seemed to suit my needs best. Later, moving to Knoxville, Tennessee, I felt sure that the UU church would be the only place I would feel comfortable. (more…)

Sharon Boyce

After being invited to visit several times over the years, we finally attended a service. I remember a display of paintings by Gretchen Marks, and a duet sung by artist Bob Pulley and his wife, poet Nancy Pulley. Being very visually oriented, these things in combination with the beautiful building (more…)

Dick Boyce

We ended up at UUCCI because of proximity. After driving by the building on Goeller Road whenever we went anywhere, we started asking questions from neighbors who attended here. We were members of another church and were not unhappy there, but this gave us what we were looking for (more…)