Bud and Ann Herron

Eight years ago — after struggling for decades to find a place for ourselves in various one-dogma-fits-all churches — we “came home” to UUCCI. In this community, we found a place where our beliefs were not dictated to us but where our search for truth and meaning was encouraged and supported by others on their own diverse, unmapped quests. And, we found friendships not bound together by like minds, but by loving hearts. We feel so fortunate to be a part of this Unitarian-Universalist congregation.

Cheryl B. & Family

I came to UUCCI when I was new to town, and searching for a community of like-minded souls. I found something so much more! I’ve made wonderful friends, given my children a constant moral compass, found ways to use my skills for a purpose. I discovered a home away from home, filled with an amazing, loving, beautiful, supportive family. I came here wanting to fill an emptiness, and ended up being filled to the brim with genuine community.

Ann B.

I love being a member of this congregation, whose members continually aspire to grow in generosity, inclusivity, justice-making, community building and developing a meaningful spiritual life. They inspire me to be more courageous than I could be by myself.

Nicole and Jeff Wiltrout

We originally came to UUCCI because we wanted to find a progressive and open-minded spiritual home to raise children in that didn’t just accept diverse beliefs, but celebrated those differences. We have always felt so fortunate to have found it here. At UUCCI, we’re constantly challenged to think more deeply about the world around us, our role in it, and how we can be our best selves.

Sondra Bolte

I was raised Catholic but got away from going to church. I tried to go back a few times, but it just didn’t work for me. I went to lots of churches looking for a church home. Then someone told me about the [Unitarian Universalist] Seven Principles. I went to a service at the old church on Eighth Street, and I’ve been at home here ever since.

I stay because it’s a different breed of people. In fact, I woke up just this morning and said, “Those are the people I need to be with.”