Barry Kastner

My future wife Kathleen was raised Catholic, and I was raised Jewish. But these were the faiths of our past when we were thinking of marriage and starting a family. The Thomas Jefferson Memorial UU Church in Charlottesville, VA, where we lived at the time, had just declared itself a nuclear-free zone. Knowing some of the interesting people there, and it being nuclear-free and all, we thought that it might be a safe church to try out. We loved it and soon were married by its UU minister. One reason we decided to move to a small town in the mid-west when a job offer arose in Columbus was that it had a UU congregation. We hoped to find a friendly, religiously liberal congregation here and, indeed, the people of UUCCI soon became the core of our social and caring community lasting now nearly 28 years. We are humans being. And we are humans becoming. We are being and becoming in an ark of community.