Bob and Nancy Pulley

One year at family Thanksgiving, an uncle said, “Let’s bow for a prayer,” and our four-year-old son said “What’s a prayer?” That was our wake-up call that we were neglecting part of his upbringing. We had heard of the Unitarian Universalists through teaching colleagues who were members. The Fellowship had received a grant to sponsor an art show, and they asked Bob to participate in the show. [Bob is a professional sculptor.] We got to know other members through Nancy’s work at Developmental Services, and interdenominational Peace Fellowship meetings, so we gave the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship a try and liked it. We keep coming to UUCCI now that our children are grown because we enjoy the social responsibility activities and the opportunities to do things for others. It’s good to have an alternative to traditional churches, a place for respectful dialogue between people with differing ideas. It’s good to support an organization that encourages reasonable, thoughtful, open-minded conversation.