Jim Martin

My childhood included substantial influences from the progressive political and labor movements of the great depression. Also my family included several artists who were part of the 30’s bohemian crowd. They were of the agnostic and atheist persuasion.   Our Unitarian lack of dogma (more…)

Barry Kastner

My future wife Kathleen was raised Catholic, and I was raised Jewish. But these were the faiths of our past when we were thinking of marriage and starting a family. The Thomas Jefferson Memorial UU Church in Charlottesville, VA, where we lived at the time, had just declared itself a nuclear-free zone. (more…)

Mary Glasson

My aunt retired in 1970 and returned to Columbus. She had been a Unitarian Universalist since the 1920s, first in Memphis, Tennessee, then in Washington D. C. When she came home to Columbus she invited me to come to church with her, because she didn’t drive. We went to the small (more…)

Frances Gabbard

I came here because I was looking for a church when I moved to Columbus after retiring. I had read about the Unitarian Universalists and was curious. I grew up Lutheran and have also attended the Presbyterian church. I stay here because it’s fun. It makes sense to me.

Donna Kuhlman

My mother was a founding member of this congregation, and I was just always here. I “signed the book” (became an official member) at age 17. Back then we were a laid-back group. We came into the meeting room, grabbed our coffee and sat down and started talking. It was all lay-led. (more…)