Steve Jasper

I had been raised in a church but had stopped attending when I went to college. It did not resonate; it had no meaning for me, so I never thought of looking for a church as an adult. When my wife Judy and I moved to Columbus, she was looking for a church community and saw something in the paper about a service at UUCCI. She went to one service and came home excited. She said, “You’ve got to come with me next week.” So I did and we’ve been here ever since. I am enriched by the experience. I never considered myself a spiritual person, but I guess we all have a spiritual dimension, and this is the place that nourishes mine. As individuals, we need to engage with our community, and although this church may be small, I think we do that well. I wish more people knew about us. A measure of what this church does for us is that when we drive home on Sunday morning, there’s always food for discussion. When I went to mass with my first wife, that sort of stimulation was missing from the service. Now there’s something every week that makes me think about my beliefs, my place in the world, and what is meaningful.