Spiritual Journeys

In the Garden of Earthly Delights: A Spiritual Compost

Barry Kastner, a 30 year member of UUCCI, will turn-over and aerate a mound of thoughts, scowlings, inspirations, and lamentations in search of some fertile castings which may have accumulated over the years to amend (organically) the poor soil of our divine ground.


During this special time, Sharon Mangas will be sharing a revision of the spiritual journey she shared with our congregation in 2010. In the last eight years, there have been many changes in her life that have impacted her spiritual walk.

Forever Young

Through an informal discussion, long-time church members Frances Gabbard and Mary Glasson will reflect on their lives, their spirituality, and the many changes they’ve experienced here at UUCCI, in our community, and in the wider world over the past nine decades.

Theological Creeks I’ve Been Up

Bud Herron, UUCCI congregant since 2008, launches the summer series of Spiritual Journeys with a narrative of his travels from Christian fundamentalist, to Christian secularist, to Christian liberal, to Unitarian Universalist agnostic.