Think You Know What White Supremacy Is?

Well, you’re right AND you’re wrong!

Come be in community with others at UUCCI after the October 8 Sunday service for a White Supremacy Teachin.  In October, we join UU congregations across the country to engage our hearts and minds to explore this important subject.

The Teachin starts after Coffee Hour and lasts for 90 minutes.  After a short introduction titled White Supremacy 101, we will break up into three tracks: (1) White Supremacy 102, (2) Education, & (3) Courageous Action-Activism, selecting the track that interests us most.  Toward the end of our time, we will gather together again to close this event with impressions and ideas.  As always, childcare will be provided.

If you have any questions, please ask Sondra Bolte, Cate Hyatt, Malorie Farrington, Linda Iwamuro, Steve Jasper, Jeff Jones, Chris Kevitt, Liz Nolan-Greven, or our Settled Minister, Nic Cable.  We look forward to seeing you there!

White Supremacy Teaching Materials