The Practice of Courageous Action

Courageous action is a key principle of our vision as a congregation. So how will we practice together? Several members of UUCCI’s Courageous Action Team will reflect on how they practice this work and how we can all find ways of embodying this part of our vision as a congregation. Service Audio

Two Kings, One Dream

On this Martin Luther King. Jr. weekend, we will follow the thread from the Edict of Torda to the activism of MLK to our interfaith ministry today. How can we keep the dream alive and make it real for today’s world? Service Audio

Courageous Questions

Deep within us are questions that stand between us and courageous living. How do I interrupt racism? How do I live my values out in the world? How do I talk to my family about my religious beliefs? As we begin a month focused on Courageous Action, let us create space to ask those questions. … Continued

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