Lifespan Sunday

At UUCCI, we support each other in our lifelong search for truth and meaning. As the program year draws to a close, we celebrate the learning we shared in this year and reaffirm our commitment to our shared growth as individuals and as a congregation.

The Courage of Yes and the Necessity of No

The annual Flower Communion service celebrates the courage of Unitarian Universalism in the struggle for justice and inclusion for all. Grounded in the story of the Rev. Norbert Čapek and his resistance to Nazis in the 20th century, we will consider our legacy of hope … read more.

Words from Grace Kestler

Grace is an avid traveler and world explorer who currently resides in Columbus, Indiana. She recently finished her masters degree in culture and conflict studies at Alice Salomon University (Germany) where she focused on integrating refugees with disabilities. Grace brings her personal experiences to the … read more.

Caught in a Network of Hospitality

What does it mean to be a people of Hospitality? How does this connect to our Mission and Ends at UUCCI? This morning we will explore how hospitality can be at the heart of both our community building work within UUCCI and our justice work … read more.

Words from Jeannine Lee Lake

Jeannine Lee Lake, 2018 candidate for the US, District 6 House of Representatives, will be with us to share her experiences and perspectives. Jeannine is the editor, publisher and CEO of “The Good News”, a bi-monthly free publication that highlights the achievements and notable … read more.