Strength in Unity

Dana Black is an activist leader for people of color and LGBTQ rights and Indiana Democratic Party Deputy Chair for Engagement. She will use her story to illustrate that even though you may disagree with your neighbor, with positive thinking and compassion you may accomplish many things.

The Little Seed Within You

As we kick off the monthly theme of Transformation, we will tend to the spiritual seed within each of us. Together, we will consider the spiritual practices that nurture our lives as individuals and help us to stay grounded throughout all of life’s twists and turns.

Changing Together

Change is perhaps the only constant in human life. It can sometimes be stressful, unwanted, & even painful. When we gather in community, we are able to practice changing together & to imagine how we might support one another when these changes make us uncomfortable. What might be possible when we change together?

Stop, Look, Listen: Responding to the Opioid Epidemic in Bartholomew County

The United States is facing a major opioid epidemic and Bartholomew County is not immune from it. Drug addiction affects individuals, families, and the wider society. Join Jeff Jones and Rhonda Fischer as we explore how we find the spiritual strength to respond to this overwhelming situation together.

Redistricting and What that Means for Our Democracy  

Please join us as we welcome State Representative (87th District) Carey Hamilton for a look at how redistricting is changing the very nature of our democratic process. Carey Hamilton is also the Executive Director of the Indiana Recycling Coalition.


Religious community is one space where we can grieve and remember together those who are gone. This service will be an opportunity to remember loved ones who are with us no longer. Please bring a picture or memento of a person or pet that you would like to remember in community.