A Story of the Spirit

Presenting a spiritual autobiography and encouragement to all of us to examine our own lives, and consider writing our own story to share with friends/family.  Examine your high points, the low points, and consider how your understanding of spirituality has informed, inspired, comforted and challenged yourselves.

Sixteen Bullets and the Code of Silence

The core case study for the presentation is the shooting of 17 year-old Laquan McDonald in Chicago in 2014. This will include documenting the racial bias in the frequency of these tragedies, the enormous costs to taxpayers of lawsuit payouts to victims’ families; the seeming immunity from prosecution afforded the perpetrators; and the ensuing controversial … Continued

Standing on the Side of Love – As a Muslim in Columbus

Communities can come in many shapes and sizes, they can be supportive, combative, loving or filled with hate. Yet successful communities work together for the greater good. Let’s continue to foster successful communities.

Human Rights in Columbus – Discussion and Q. & A.

Ian Kohen from the Columbus Human Rights Commission, will speak on the impact of our city’s increasing religious and cultural diversity issues. As our community grows we are all challenged to learn ways to understand our differences. Join us for lively, open-minded conversation about these timely issues.

Reflections on an Age of Absurdity

Guest speaker, Bill Breeden – retired UU minister and longtime activist for peace and social justice-will talk to us about the roles and responsibilities that people of faith have in addressing the pressing issues in our world today.