It’s Only Natural~ Completing the Cycle of Life Naturally

Death is a natural part of life, but our modern American way of death has become distinctly unnatural & decidedly dangerous to our environment. This Memorial Day Sunday, we will learn about “green burial,” an effort to reclaim traditional practices that allow our bodies to return to the earth.

Where Have You Been?

On this Sunday we’ll be taking a quick look back at where the congregation has been during this Interim Period with the help of members of the Transition Team. 

When the Window Becomes a Mirror

Pluralism is the relentless nature of our world–and engaging deeply with others who hold different beliefs is an essential ingredient of a healthy, dynamic and mature faith.This sermon will explore the necessity of interfaith engagement as well as engagement across cultures within our global Unitarian/Universalist faith.

Where You Might Go

UUCCI’s Interim Minister, on her last Sunday in the pulpit, will offer her reflections on what great things might be in store for the congregation in the future. Please bring a flower with you on this morning as we will also be taking part in UU Flower Communion ceremony.

Columbus physics teacher Gail Nowels and some of her students will share their experiences working with the people from the greater New Orleans area and Plaquemines Parrish Louisiana

Each year a group of 53 high school students and chaperones travel to Louisiana to help families displaced by hurricane Katrina rebuild their homes.  Come and hear the stories and learn about the tragedy that has still left many people displaced from their homes 12 years after the flood.